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Mā te whenua e whanake ai te whānau
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Language: English | Māori


Find your whenua

Get a report about your whenua Māori.

If whānau have aspirations for using the whenua — whether it's setting up a farm on it, or returning it to its original state — our Tōku Whenua reports can help show what's possible. While not all whenua is capable of sustaining a farm or an orchard, every piece of whenua has potential. This report can help you start to unlock it.

Enter either the name of your whenua, the name of the trust, or the block number to:

  • find out where your whenua is — you’ll be able to see the boundaries of the land and find it on the map
  • see aerial photos of the whenua as it looks now
  • find out about the environment, economy, and climate in the rohe where the whenua is
  • get information about the whenua itself — about the soil, water, slope, and vegetation there — and the potential that creates.

It's important to know where your whenua is, and to feel like you can see and touch it for yourself. If you haven't yet had the opportunity to walk on it, or live away from it, this report can help you start to connect to your whenua – to place the whenua on the map and understand your role as a kaitiaki for it.

Why whenua matters

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Find your whenua — Digital version [PDF 2.8MB]

Find your whenua — Printer-friendly version [PDF 189KB]

Find your whenua

Search for your whenua to see it on the map, and get detailed information about the environment, economy, and climate in the rohe – and the potential that creates.