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Language: English | Māori

Steps to set up a Māori land trust

Submit your application

To put Māori land into a trust, you'll need to get agreement from the other owners and apply to the Māori Land Court.

After the hui, you'll be ready to make an application to the Māori Land Court, as long as you've got general agreement on:

  • creating a trust
  • who you want to nominate as trustees
  • the terms of the trust order.

The application can be made by any of the landowners or by someone nominated for this at the owners’ meeting.

For the application, you will need:

Lodging the forms

When you've got all the information together you can file your completed application with the registrar at the Māori Land Court office closest to your whenua.

You'll also need to pay the filing fee of $60 for a trust application or $200 for an incorporation.

You can lodge the application in person or by post, or contact the Māori Land Court if you would prefer to do it online.

Contact your nearest Māori Land Court office