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Language: English | Māori

Developing the strategic plan

Pulling it all together

There are many different ways to create a strategic plan. We've found the "hedgehog concept", developed by Jim Collins, works well for a range of trusts, whether they're big or small.

Things to reflect on

  • Have we run a good process that has involved and respected the input of all our whānau?
  • When we reflect on the plan, does it align and reflect the aspirations we have previously said are important?
  • Is what we have crafted achievable?
  • Will it generate the passion we need to go forward?

Summing it up

For each of the 4 steps, summarise the key idea in a brief statement, ideally no more than one or two sentences.

You can have other documents, plans or policies that go into more detail if needed, but ideally you should have a single page summary that can be easily shared and understood.

Sharing the vision

This summary of your strategy can be used to give clarity about your vision and purpose to key stakeholders including owners, whānau, and funders and investors.

It's a great tool to recruit hearts and minds to your cause.